History of the Smoky Hill Trail Area

The name "Smoky Hill" comes from the appearance of the misty, or smoky hills that the Westward travelers saw as they began their adventure from Kansas and Missouri toward what would eventually become Denver, Colorado.  These Westward adventurers were in search of Gold!  Gold, had been discovered in the Cherry Creek. The image of the misty hills and valleys along the route West,  gave name to the Westward trail known thereafter as the Smoky Hill Trail.  Parts of the trail can still be seen as a two-track road on the Eastern Plains in what was once Kansas Territory but now, is Colorado.
Many of the people wishing to move West, followed this trail.  However, many of these ambitious and idealistic Americans lost their lives along the trail to the discovery of Gold in the Cherry Creek.  The section of the Smoky Hill Trail which passes through our neighborhood, has become known as the Starvation Trail.  This section of the trail proved to be the most difficult, due to a lack of water, yet the Plains Indians of the day, considered this region as prime hunting grounds.  Many Westward Traveler was attacked by the American Indians living off of the land, hoping to preserve these favorable hunting grounds, as their own.
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