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Here is some information on how to move around the website. Please feel free to contact us anytime at for any questions you may have, we are here to help.  

Your go-to hub of centralized information on local resources, current weather, traffic and news, community forums and unique access to the local business community. We welcome all visitors to have an active voice! Tell the Community, your neighbors and political and city leaders, volunteers,  non profit organization, churches, etc.  about us and our forums.  It is free and easy to use.  And a great way to get your message seen in the community.  


Some of our features to check on daily. Also, remember to make us your home page!: 


  1. Check your local 7 day forecast on our home page.
  2. Our scanner and forum has up to date medical/emergency information including road closures accidents and more. This is a very important part of our community outreach.
  3. Join the community forum for news and info in your community or just to have some fun with your neighbors!
  4. Check out our community calendar for local things to do. Submit your favorite non-profit events for free
  5. Check out the EZ links page with tons of informative sites. There are links to newspapers across the county, community sites, weather and search sites and more.
  6. You can find local numbers here.
  7. Check out our new member and computer tutorials forum here.  
  8. Our animal/pet page has local animals for adoption, animal/pet related links and fun videos and pictures. We also have two pet related forums called The Pet Park and The Ranch
  9. On our link menu at the top of the forum you can find many links from weather and traffic websites to area non-profits and county sites. If ever in doubt look at the top of the page to get somewhere else on the site
  10. Our facebook page is growing daily. Be sure to click the like button.



What are the SmokyHillBound Forums?

The word forum dates back to ancient Rome where the forum was the central assembly for business and judicial activity. Online forums are an area on an Internet website designated for discussion. It is divided by topic and can be compared to a bulletin board. Members can post notices about local or national news, upcoming events, community issues, etc. Plus in a new innovation in advertising our business partners discuss and take questions directly from our members.  

Our online forum provides unlimited space for discussion, depth of conversation, and lively interaction amongst members. Like the Roman Forum, the forums are the center of activity in the community.  

In the past seven months, our 1,000 + members have created over 7,300 topics and 80,000 posts. Topics have run the gamut from local and national politics, sports, hobbies and numerous community events. We are looking forward to your voice to bring even more flavor, discussion and variety. 

Start making a difference in your community today!  


Benefits of registering as a member on our forums:

Registration is not necessary to access this forum. However, members must register in order to gain access to the "members only" portion of the forums. Benefits of becoming a member include:

  1. You get to pick a fun, colorful nickname and avatar (picture)
  2. Posting privileges (Let people know what you think)
  3. Full access to the site (Including the insanity of 'The Ring')
  4. You can use our Private Message features to contact other members.
  5. Email alerts for emergency situations ( fire,weather,traffic) and special local savings from our business partners. (optional)
  6. Access to our search system to search for information and advertising along with other items. .
  7. Use of our free business and personal classifieds.
  8. Participate in member only contests and giveaways.
  9. Enhanced navigational features.
  10. We even have a letters to the editor section so you can give us your ideas to improve the site..

Other useful information-

  1. Our F.A.Q. can answer many of your questions like how do I post in the forums or How can I search the forums?
  2. Or you can join the forums here. Get information on posting and tutorials here.
  3. You can find lots of information on our about us page here.
  4. Check out The Flume article. about our sister site New 285 community Web site brings hope, controversy.



We are glad to have you here,  

The SmokyHillbound Community!  


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