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Our Area HomeOwner's Associations

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SH Welcome Crew
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Joined: 05/27/2011
Our Area HomeOwner's Associations

As promised, here is a list of our area HOA's. You can click on a link and be connected with any of the area's HOA Websites. [u]Or[/u], you may post your comments, acclamations or criticisms, in this Forum by posting a “New Topic” about any of the proceedings conducted by your HOA. (Remember, when you post something here in this forum, you are posting outside of any of the listed HOA Websites. Please feel free to post suggestions in this Forum as to how you would act to improve your HOA and also refine your comments and concerns, with the help and interaction from your neighbors registered on [url=http://www.smokyhillbound.com/]   www.SmokyHillBound.com  

Piney Creek:

http://www.pineycreek.org/ 5800 S. Joplin Way Centennial, CO 80015 Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm Phone & Fax Office: 303.699.8069 Fax: 303.699.1429


The Hills at Piney Creek:

http://www.hills-pineycreek.com/ The Hills at Piney Creek is managed by: Advanced Property Management 6767 South Spruce Street, Suite 150 Centennial, Colorado 80112 Telephone: 720-489-5000 Fax: 720-895-1516 Contact Tom Johnson: Email: tom.johnson@apmdenver.com


The Highlands at Piney Creek:

Association Business Manager: Valentine-Yoksh Rana - Phone: 303.369.1800 ext. 121 or Contact me: Rana@westwindmanagement.com

Smoky Hill

http://www.smokyhillhoa.net/]   http://www.smokyhillhoa.net Jerry Marshall - PRESIDENT P.O. Box 461542 Centennial, CO 80046 303-690-2257 or contact: Jerry.Marshall@smokyhillhoa.net

Jackson Farm

http://www.jacksonfarmshoa.com/   http://www.jacksonfarmshoa.com/[/u][/url] Advantage Management & Real Estate, LLC PO Box 27872 Lakewood CO 80227-0872 Phone: 303-987-3744 Fax: 303-987-2414 Email: Advantage Management & Real Estate, LLC [u]advantageweb@comcast.net

Jackson Farm II

http://www.withcpmg.com/jackson_farm_2/index.html http://www.withcpmg.com/jackson_farm_2/index.html[/url] Colorado Property Management Group Business hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Mondays through Fridays Closed 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm every day. The main telephone number is 303-671-6402 The FAX number is 303-671-6430

Fox Hill 4  

http://intranet.westwindmanagement.com/fox_hill/default.aspx Association Business Manager Lisa Spriggs 303.369.1800 ext. 113 303.785.3443 Lisa@westwindmanagement.com Administrative Assistant Tara Delgado 303.369.1800 ext. 125 303.785.1728 tara@westwindmanagement.com

Fox Hill

Smoky Ridge   

http://www.smokyridge.org/]http://www.smokyridge.org/[/url] Colorado Property Management Group (CPMG) Phone: 303-671-6402 Website: [url=http://www.withcpmg.com/]www.withcpmg.com[/url] Address: 2620 S. Parker Road, Suite 105, Aurora, CO 80014 Contact: Brittney Johnson Phone: 303-671-6402 ext. 25 Email: BrittneyJ@withcpmg.com


http://www.greenfield hoa.com/http://www.greenfieldhoa.com/   Weststar Management Chris Ricketts, community representative (720) 941-9200, Ext. 28.


SmokyHill Metro District

http://smokyhillmetrodistrict.org/]http://smokyhillmetrodistrict.org/[/url] Chris McKay - Chairman/Pool Liaison McKayrambis@yahoo.com P.O. Box 460550 Aurora, CO. 80046-0550 303-693-7497 Lynn Metz - Vice President/Employee Liaison LynnMetz@msn.com P.O. Box 460550 Aurora, CO. 80046-0550 303-375-1114 Justin Kersey - Secretary/Treasurer/Legal Liaison JVKersey@msn.com P.O. Box 460550 Aurora, CO. 80046-0550 720-252-2447 Emily Hill - Clubhouse & Park Scheduling/Website hillb18@gmail.com P.O. Box 460550 Aurora, CO. 80046-0550 720-231-1266


[color=#4b0082][b]Parkview Highlands:[/b][/color] http://www.withcpmg.com/parkview_highlands/index.html]http://www.withcpmg.com/parkview_highlands/index.html Colorado Property Management Group (CPMG) Phone: 303-671-6402 Website: [url=http://www.withcpmg.com/]www.withcpmg.com[/url] Address: 2620 S. Parker Road, Suite 105, Aurora, CO 80014 Contact: Debra Vickrey Phone: 303-671-6402 ext. 23 Email: debra@withcpmg.com [



http://www.parkborough.org/]http://www.parkborough.org/[/url] Parkborough HOA 5900 S. Netherland St. Centennial, CO 80015 Dan Dawson, President and Treasurer dan@parkborough.org 720-870-2230


Saddle Rock Ridge

http://intranet.westwindmanagement.com/saddle_rock/default.aspx]http://intranet.westwindmanagement.com/saddle_rock/default.aspx[/url] Association Business Manager Rana Valentine-Yoksh Rana@westwindmanagement.com 303-369-1800 ext. 121 Fax: 720-246-0100 Administrative Assistant Melissa Garcia Melissa@westwindmanagement.com 303-369-1800 ext. 118 Fax: 303-785-1731 Accounting Representative Pauline Rivera Pauline@westwindmanagement.com 303-369-1800 ext. 126 Fax: 303-7851749


Arapahoe Meadows 2



[b]Antelope Property Owners Association:[/b][/color] [url=http://antelopepoa.com/]http://antelopepoa.com/[/url] Email: mail at antelopepoa .com Bob Brodkorb - President rdbro1 at comcast .net 303-699-7302 Chuck Reers - Vice President cgreers at msn .com 303-690-9551 Sandy Ricard - Treasurer golfsand at aol .com 303-680-0946 Don McCracken - Secretary dndmcc at msn .com 303-690-2104 Tim Ardueser - Director judy.ardueser at hotmail .com 720-470-4623 Linda Lehrer - Director mllehrer at msn .com 303-680-1553 Tom Mackenzie - Director wtmackenzie at gmail .com 303-921-3049


[b]The Chapparal Homeowners’ Association:[/b][/color] [url=http://www.chapparal.org/]http://www.chapparal.org/[/url] Contact information: n6xej@aim.com Board of Directors Christopher Worley, President Glenn Calfee, Vice President Jean Worley, Treasurer Kel Muckleroy, Secretary Cory Bromley, Director Dan Hartman, ACC Chairman


[b]Chenango:[/b][/color] [url=http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/Chenango]http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/Chenango[/url] Nancy McShannic 1780 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 410 Denver CO 80222 Office: 303-758-4370 Fax: 303-758-4543


Centennial Council of Neighborhoodshttp://www.cencon.net/]http://www.cencon.net/[

Park View Meadows, Park View ,Terrace Legacy Park, Stonebridge,   Trail Ridge,  Arapahoe Heights,   Kragland Acres,   Estancia Mission Viejo:

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