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A letter to Ashton Kutcher

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Cinnamongirl's picture
Joined: 02/27/2012
A letter to Ashton Kutcher

Mr Kutcher,  

I like your acting,and I have watched many of you and your wife's movies and TV shows.  One of the reasons I liked you both is your apparent down to earthness.  I guess I thought you guys got the rest of us and it was refreshing.  I just started getting into your Netflix program "The Ranch".  I grew up in Craig, Colorado and the show so reminds me of that area of Colorado and how I grew up.  I admired you for your speech a while ago on hard work.  (yes I need to remember that was at an awards show too but it seemed more appropriate at that time)  I admit to being a conservative. 

I think you should know that now that you have made your comments in a public forum (SAG awards)  I am not having as much fun watching The Ranch.

Here is why-  I have zero problem with your opinion.  That is what this country and the first amendment is about.  But your acting is about business.  We watch and pay you to escape from politics and the world. And we pay Netflix, theaters and cable to watch you.  We pay your salary pure and simple.   I now think about your comments when I watch "The Ranch" show and that is not what I want to be thinking about.  Your acting on that show feels fake now. I guess acting is fake but I somehow believed that you believed in the show and premise. 

I think rich Hollywood people do understand what it is like not to have money.  You and your Hollywood friends work hard but you go home with alot money and so many of us work as hard or harder and go home to more work.   We don't have the same protections and luxuries that you have.  We can't afford to hire body guards or gates to protect our property and families.  Sometimes government policies is the way we stay safe.  We are not wrong to feel how we do (because our life is much different from yours)  and this "ban", which is not really ban, is temporary.  I also think you may have hurt your fellow business partners (those involved with your shows)  by publicly stating this opinion making the rest of us feel like jerks for our own opinions.  So many of us think you guys are out of touch with the rest of us. 

I hope you read this because just like this is your "America" it is mine too and I don't have the same venues you do to get my word and opinion out.  I wish you had not done it so I don't have to think about it when watching you going forward.  I lost my passion for it now.  It may seem stupid to you that the little people feel this way but I was hoping you were different. 









Resident of Smoky Hill since 1996.  Colorado native and lived in Colorado including Craig.  Lived in Prides Crossing before moving here.  Love it here though.  Very quiet place. 





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