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If you're looking for some guys to elk hunt with, here ya go

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Joined: 07/13/2011
If you're looking for some guys to elk hunt with, here ya go

Colorado Elk Hunt: October 20-26, 2011
If you've ever dreamed about hunting elk in the Colorado Rockies, don't miss the 2011 COFA elk Hunt! Imagine listening to a bugling bull in the aspen meadow just below the ridge you're sitting on. The bull gets closer and closer...this could be the hunt you have always dreamed about! COFA[/size]http://www.smokyhillbound.com/elk_hunt_2011.html[/u][/url].

The hunts in 2009 and 2010 were some of the best to date. We had plenty of hunting along with making new friends while in hunting camp. The hunt camp had wonderful devotions and songs by [url=http://www.steveandanniechapman.com/][u]Steve Chapman[/u][/url]. There was great food, great hunting, and - best of all - we had several recommit their lives to the Lord and one man gave his life to the Lord.

One of the hunters said "This is the best hunt camp I have ever been to. I made some new friends, and enjoyed seeing Godly men working together as a team in camp." Another said "This is a great camp for my boys to be in, they are seeing Godly men in action". The purpose of the COFA hunt camps is to build lasting relationships that will carry men into the eternity knowing and serving the Lord in this lifetime. We often hear about guys who had no relationships with their dads and can see that having a brother in Christ can help through the journey we are on now.

If you want to know more about the COFA rifle elk hunt, you can contact COFA at 303.456.0555 or George at 303.880.3800. This is a great way to bring an unchurched friend to the hunt to hear the gospel in a non-threatening way. You can make new friends while hunting Colorado's high country. Sign up now! COFA's website [url=http://www.cofausa.org]www.cofausa.org[/url]


Applicable Life Coaching & Counseling Services Web: [url=http://www.applicablecoaching.com]http://www.applicablecoaching.com[/url] Blog: [url=http://applicablecoaching.com/blog.php]http://applicablecoaching.com/blog.php[/url] Web: [url=http://idontwan

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SmokyHill Billy
Joined: 06/07/2011
Re: If you're looking for some guys to elk hunt with, here y

Helo Dr. Mike. Long time no see! Elk unting! Hmmm! Elk, good to eat. Eklk fun to hunt! Hmm! Elk, make me stalk in the woods in search. Me love Elk. Me love Elk hunting.

I'll be in the unit, hunting Elk during the 2nd season rifle. Cow only, but I hope we can HookUp during the season.

I'll be near Owl Creek Pass and Nate Creek. How about You?

Joined: 07/13/2011
Re: If you're looking for some guys to elk hunt with, here y

May be in Minnesota, go for interview the 17th..just counting the days...how are you doing?