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It May be years before Arapahoe Road is widened

Very good article on the South East Aurora News Website. We really could use some widening in that area.  When it snows down there it is a nightmare.  We had one snow storm this winter that made it so impassible that even the police could not get in there to get to motorists.    

Arapahoe Road in Southeast Aurora News

Although it could be several years before Southeast Aurora drivers experience any improvement in traffic along Arapahoe Road between Waco and Liverpool streets, public agencies are at work now devising a way to pay for the expensive project.

This week the Aurora City Council approved an ordinance to put an item on the November ballot asking residents to approve a bond that would pay for several road improvement projects. If approved, about $1.5 million would go into the coffer to help pay to widen Arapahoe Road.


More here...  http://southeastauroranews.com/2012/06/may-be-years-before-arapahoe-road-is-widened/

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